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News and Community Outreach

Killer Toads

Gina Stancel and her two neighbors patrol the streets where they live on the river side of McGregor Boulevard, scanning with small, powerful LED lights. The group checks out drainage ditches, strolling along the street and sidewalk. They take long, slow steps into front yards, pushing around in the bushes. They’ve got weapons and they’re ready to kill. Their prey is bufo marinus, also known as the marine toad and most recently renamed by biologists as the cane toad.

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Local vet offers alternatives for your pets’ post-surgery recovery

Another specialty niche has made its home in Naples, this time in the veterinary field. Licensed Veterinarian Technician Kelsey Boomer of the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida recently announced her newest certification in Canine Rehabilitation, a medical service that is rarely offered at most pet hospitals. According to Boomer, she is one of a handful of practitioners licensed to perform rehab services to four-legged pets in the Southwest Florida area.

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Indie Recovers from Surgery

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Uno is Welcomed to the Naples Zoo

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Ebola: The Antidote to Fear is Information

What is the Ebola virus?

Ebola virus disease, formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans

Where does Ebola come from?

It is though that fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are natural Ebola virus hosts.

Can Dogs get the Ebola virus?

Dogs have been reported to have developed antibodies, indicating an exposure to the virus, but dogs have not been reported to show signs or develop disease from the Ebola virus.

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Paralyzed dog is walking again

A North Fort Myers couple's dog - paralyzed after what's believed to be a vicious attack - is walking again.

The dog, Bugatti, received an MRI scan and physical therapy from veterinary neurologist Michelle Carnes and the staff of the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida in Naples.

Bugatti was barely able to move after her injury in May.

At the time, her owners, Dustin and Christina Lehan, were heartbroken that their active dog was suddenly so helpless. Carnes reached out to the couple and offered to help after seeing our initial story on Fox 4. Just weeks later, Bugatti is back on her feet. "She's actually getting better," said Christina Lehan. "She had deep bruising of her spine, she suffered a blunt force trauma to her the head." "She'll be normal again, but it's going to take a lot of time," she added.

The Lehans are grateful to Michelle Carnes, MS, DVM, DACVIM and the Animal Specialty Hospital, and will continue to work with them to get Bugatti even stronger.

Paralyzed dog Bugatti getting physical rehab

An update on a dog that had a lot of animal lovers heart-broken when we first told you about it. The dog, named Bugatti, was paralyzed after a devastating blow to the neck.

But Bugatti got some help after a veterinary neurologist saw our initial story.

Three weeks ago, Bugatti could barely move after her owners Dustin and Christina Lehan believe she was struck by a hard object.

At the time she was unable to do much more than lick her owner's faces.

Then some encouraging news came their way after veterinary neurologist Michelle Carnes of the Animal Specialty Hospital in Naples.She saw our story and offered to give Bugatti a free MRI scan.

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Group helps paralyzed dog on road to walking again

Bugatti, a Southwest Florida dog paralyzed from the neck down, is gaining mobility thanks to local board-certified veterinary neurologist Dr. Michelle Carnes and the C.A.R.N.E.S. (Companion Animal Relief for Neurological Veterinary Emergency Services) Fund.

After hearing Bugatti's story, Carnes, of the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida in Naples, knew she wanted to help. As one of only 200 board-certified veterinary neurologists in the country, she had the expertise and type of equipment Bugatti needed, including a magnetic resonance imaging machine. In fact, ASH is the only hospital in Collier/Lee County to have MRI and CT availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The dog's owners, who say they believe a neighbor caused the injury by hitting Bugatti over the head with a heavy object, brought her to the animal hospital for an MRI and treatment.

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"Companion Animal Relief for Neurological Veterinary Services” Fund

Mission: To provide financial assistance to pet owners in need of neurological veterinary care for their companion animal.

How to help: When you donate to the C.A.R.N.E.S Fund, 100% of your tax-deductible donation will support the care of pets with neurological disease. Donate here

Visit C.A.R.N.E.S Fund Page

Paralyzed Dog Receives Treatment

NAPLES, Fla - A Southwest Florida dog paralyzed from the neck down is getting some help, after her owners say they think a neighbor hit her over the head with a heavy object. When we first aired the story of Bugatti's heart-breaking injury earlier this week, one viewer decided she wanted to help, and she just happens to be Veterinary Neurologist with an MRI machine ... View Video And Read Full Article

As Naples’ newest 24 hour emergency and specialty referral hospital, we have received some wonderful press. Please take a moment to read about us and our new facility!

Abandoned panther kitten thriving at Tampa zoo

Roxie goes to wiener’s circle at dog derby

The event, sponsored by Animal Specialty Hospital, brought more than 115 dogs that filled up the more than 200 entries into the race in the puppy, adult, wanna-be and masters divisions for the opportunity to win prizes and the coveted "Wien jacket." Read more...

Video: Wiener Dog Derby's top prize goes to Lucky the dachshund

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Wiener dogs from across Florida race each other at the Florida Wiener Dog Derby in North Fort Myers.

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After 2 delays, state wildlife officials release Florida panther rehabilitated after car crash

LABELLE, Florida — Wildlife officials on Monday finally released an ... Rescuers took her to the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida, where she ... Read Full Article

Officials release rehabilitated panther

Rescuers took her to the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida, where she received surgery for injuries that included a broken leg, rib fractures and ... Read Full Article

Dr. Ashley Ayoob and the Specialists at ASHFL save an Endangered Panther Kitten

After emergency rescue by FWC Research Scientist Dr. Dave Onorato, the Internal Medicine Team, lead by Dr. Ashley Ayoob, was able to save the endangered panther kitten.  View Video

Dermatologist joins Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida

Naples-based Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida, has announced the addition of Christina Restrepo, DVM, DACVD (Dermatology). Dr. Christina Restrepo, a board-certified dermatologist, is available for appointments Tuesday through Friday in Naples... View full article


Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida expands to Fort Myers

Naples-based Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida, the only 24-hour emergency hospital in Collier County supported by board-certified specialists, is now serving patients in Fort Myers. ...Read Story

Specialty Referral and Emergency Hospital, Animal Specialty Hospital (ASH), Naples, Florida

Animal Specialty Hospital (ASH) located in Naples, Florida is the largest specialty referral and emergency hospital in Southwest Florida. ASH is the only hospital in Southwest Florida to offer board-certified veterinary specialists in dermtology, internal medicine, critical care and surgery. ...Read Story

Orphaned Panther Recovering After Vehicle Accident

Rescuers found the 9-month-old female panther in thick brush, sedated her and performed a quick exam, according to Fish and Wildlife. The animal was then taken to Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida in Naples ...Read Story

Injured Florida Panther Kitten Rescued by FWC, Partners

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports say the kitten was dragging an injured leg, which was later diagnosed as a compound fracture in her right rear leg along with rib fractures as well as bruising around the lung. Wildlife officials located the kitten, sedated it and transported it to the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida ...Read Story

FWC, Partners Rescue Injured Florida Panther Kitten

After an on-scene assessment of the panther’s condition, FWC biologists transported the panther to the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida. Veterinarians at the hospital determined that the panther had a compound fracture in her rear right leg, rib fractures and bruising around the lung, all of which were likely caused by a vehicle collision ...Read Story

Panther kitten injured in Collier in April dies at Tampa zoo

During the past month, the kitten had been in the care of more than a dozen veterinary specialists and wildlife experts from the zoo, the Conservation Commission, the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida in Naples, BluePearl Veterinary Partners in ... Read Story

Endangered Florida Panther Kitten Recovers At Zoo

A 14-week-old endangered Florida panther is recovering after he was found unresponsive on the side of the road. The little panther was brought to the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida on April 23 after he was found in Collier County... Read Story

Permanent captivity likely for injured Florida panther kitten, will ...

A volunteer with the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge on his way to work spotted the injured kitten that morning and reported the sighting. Rescuers immediately took the then 12-week-old male kitten to the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida ... Read Story

Arthrex's Vet Systems division gives dogs, horses surgical hope for better life

Dr. Marc Havig, a board-certified veterinarian surgeon in Naples at Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida, likewise uses Arthrex's Tightrope in cases he deems appropriate, generally with medium-size dogs or smaller. "It's just a modification of the ... Read Story

Tampa vets examine injured panther kitten found along Collier road

After it was found unresponsive along State Road 82 on April 23, the kitten was taken to the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida in Naples, where its condition improved. The kitten was moved to the zoo Wednesday for further rehabilitation.... Read Story

AnimalSpecialty Hospital Co-Sponsored "Pets on Third" Sunday, January 22nd, 2012.
First annual pet and people look alike parade and third annual petfest. Pets look like people they love. People look like pets they adore.

"Dr. Michelle Carnes Performs Rare Brain Surgery on Service Dog "
Naples News, February 29, 2012

Two articles by Dr. Carnes were published in leading international veterinary journals in September: 

    1. “What is your Neurologic Diagnosis?” in Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, September 1, 2011
    2. “Pharmacokinetics of levetiracetam after oral and intravenous administration of a single dose to clinically normal cats”  in the American Journal of Veterinary Research, September 2011

"Animal Specialty Hospital is participating in a clinic study new treatment for solid tumors in Dogs"
June, 2011

"Peace of Mind for Animal Lovers in the Naples Area "
Naples Area Real Estate Guild, May 27, 2011

"Animal Specialty Hospital to provide emergency, specialized pet care"
NaplesNews.com, April 13, 2011

Specialized Veterinary Critical Care Center to Open in Naples
Economic Development Council of Collier County, Florida, March 15, 2011

Naples Dog Park, New Animal Hospital Important to Naples Pet Owners
Naples Journal, February 2011, Mayor Bill Barnett

Specialty Veterinary Hospital Coming Soon
  Naples Florida Weekly, February 10, 2011

Specialized Veterinary Critical Care Center to Open in Naples
Naplesnews.com, February 2, 2011

One of the goals of ASH is to be very active in the community through philanthropy and volunteerism all for the greater good of animals.  We have several great ideas and plans in the works and this page will continually be updated.  If you have ideas on how ASH can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Eric, our Hospital Administrator at 239-263-0480.

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